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Welcome to my blog

Nice that you found your way to my little crafty corner of the Internet.

I will mostly post about weaving and Tunisian crochet, but I do enjoy other crafts as well.

The big one is weaving, I do have a few floor looms, a table loom and one foldable one. I have also tried card weaving, which was fun but I don’t really have a need for woven bands at the moment so I have not done much of that beyond testing. I will be testing band weaving in a rigid heddle hand held in a near future possibly, I do have some towels going on in one of the looms.

The Tunisian crochet is something I have taken up relatively recent, but I have finished one shawl for myself, a bunch of swatches and is currently working on a (lap) blanket made out of different sample squares, attached to each other entrelac style as I go.

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2 responses to “Welcome to my blog”

  1. moftasa Avatar

    Looking forward to your posts, I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed and it is really refreshing to see a new blog starting out with direct connection to the fediverse. Wishing you all the best!

    1. Anna Avatar

      Thanks. Hopefully it’ll all take shape and become a good place to find craft ideas and information.