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  • I’m turning into my grandmother

    I’m turning into my grandmother

    This is in itself not a bad thing, my grandmother was a lovely woman. It is from her I got my interest for weaving, she had her loom in the kitchen during winter (save for holiday season), and in a shed without heating most summers. I now have her loom in my possession, it is not the best of them and it is in need of some extra care to work fine again, but it is one I treasure highly. It is not a bad loom per se, but it is rather shallow and thus harder to get a good shed in, and it does have some quirks that more modern looms don’t have.  
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  • Tunisian crochet: curling and hook size

    Tunisian crochet: curling and hook size

    Most tutorials about Tunisian crochet tells you to go with a larger hook then you would for normal crochet, at least one or two sizes larger is often suggested.

    One of the reasons for this is that it is supposedly going to help combat the curling many Tunisian crochet stitches is prone to.

    When I first started out with Tunisian crochet a few months ago, I did listen to the advice and went with a larger hook then it said on the yarn label, figuring it was what it had to be since everyone said so.

    The produced fabric still curled and my edges, especially the right side was not really neat.  
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  • Welcome to my blog

    Welcome to my blog

    Nice that you found your way to my little crafty corner of the Internet.

    I will mostly post about weaving and Tunisian crochet, but I do enjoy other crafts as well.

    The big one is weaving, I do have a few floor looms, a table loom and one foldable one. I have also tried card weaving, which was fun but I don’t really have a need for woven bands at the moment so I have not done much of that beyond testing. I will be testing band weaving in a rigid heddle hand held in a near future possibly, I do have some towels going on in one of the looms.  
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